The repair process is somewhat similar on every service businesses. The above flow diagram would provide you with basic information of repair process and turnaround time.  

Our management has experienced and gone through over a half million of same repair process in a decade. While working to improve the speed without diminishing our service quality, we have come with several ideas to provide value added services. 

One of the program is “”. Those who want to challenge the web-based repair system, at CameraFix site, we were able to discount great deal by eliminating several steps in “basic repair process” and keep the cost low same time providing free both-way shipping to our customer. Please review “Internet-Based Repair” for detail.

And for our conservative members, we are diligently working to save time from the normal process by keeping high parts inventory, continuous technician training, networking with manufacturers and other collaboration with technical networks in the industry.

Please review information on the right for your repair needs and questions.  You are always welcome to contact us for further detail. Thank You.


When your item is shipped in, we would take an average about 24-48 hours from unpack to diagnostics for the estimate. For walk-in customers, we would take abut 24 hours to complete the estimate. Some instances where lack of parts availability, few more days would require to respond back with an estimate.

The estimate copy would be emailed to you immediately.  If email cannot be used, we may call or mail the estimate copy to your home address.


The estimate fee is applied to camcorder models only. Consumer camcorder model is $25 and pro camcorder model is $35. The fee is non-refundable but once approved the estimate fee will be applied to total repair charge.


75% of most repair get to shipped out in 5 working days or less with in stock parts inventory.  And repairs needing parts order which may take 5-10 additional delivery time. Small number of parts order would fall into “Expired Life” model from the manufacturers and we would seek further into our parts network nationwide. When parts no longer available, upon discussion with the customer, we may return the item without repair and charge only the return shipping cost.

In case the item is no valued to customer without proper repair. with a request by the customer we may dispose of the broken item so there would be no return shipping cost would be due to the customer.


Most of the situations, we charge for repair up front when approval is made.  Especially, when the parts is required for the repair. Some instances, by the request of the customer, we will charge during the repair process or at the end of the repair. 


In very small instances, usually with high cost equipment, such as, DSLR, Lenses, and Professional Camcorders, we may choose to re-estimate if the repair requires additional major part or parts.  The customer  would have the opportunity to make the choice with no obligation to any repair charges. If the customer decides to refused the re-estimate, CRJ will refund all the repair charges except the return shipping cost if applicable.